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Applause recognition scheme


RWE npower


Design Effectiveness Bronze 2015


of employees have received Applause


Applauding a job well done

Perceptions of the energy industry and npower in particular are at an all-time low, with intense scrutiny from government, regulators and the media. Set against this backdrop, npower has set out on a journey towards ‘getting it right for their customers’. Such focused negative attention creates a working environment where employees find it very difficult to feel a sense of pride in working for npower.

It was key that the recognition scheme’s identity conveyed a sense of celebration and recognition and the concept of sharing good news across the company. Our design solution involved: name generation, the development of a user-friendly online interface, the creation of personalised e-cards and certificates, and the design and deployment of an explanatory interactive PDF providing a simple step-by-step guide on how to give Applause. The scheme has helped employees put faces to co-workers in other business areas and locations, building the sense of being part of something larger than just their specific work groups.

Applause has proved to be a powerful way of giving recognition; employees really like receiving an Applause and it has definitely helped morale and motivation.”

Development Manager (Change Optimisation)

RWE npower