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EmployAbility programme


National Grid


of interns from year one achieved paid employment

Only 7% of students with learning difficulties find employment. What a waste. What an opportunity.

National Grid’s EmployAbility programme is about giving a chance to people who don’t always get one. National Grid aim to offer internships to students with disabilities to give them an opportunity to develop skills and confidence in a business environment. A key aspect of our work on this project was the opportunity to use the development of the identity, strapline and look and feel as part of the learning experience of the interns. They played a pivotal role at the briefing stage and were fully engaged as the project developed.

The identity had to build on professionalism and the fact that these were real people with genuine talent, skills and abilities. The identity was rolled out across both print (course materials such as a course handbook) and on screen (supporting website and presentation templates). Further exposure of the branding was achieved through branded clothing and merchandise and a high profile conference hosted by National Grid and attended by a diverse range of people from business and the education sector.

I suspect many creative agencies would find the idea of involving the interns in the creative process very challenging. But doing so through the workshop was both in the spirit of EmployAbility and also done extremely well – with such excellent results. It fostered a great sense of pride all round. ”

Communications Production Manager

National Grid