WPA Pinfold



Mental health stigma and
awareness campaign


National Grid

Visualising mental health

The shocking reality is that one in six people will experience a mental health problem in the workplace, including anxiety, which is one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the UK – but is often under-reported and goes undiagnosed. Our concept works on the basis of mental health being the elephant in the room – it exists but it often ignored.

Our campaign aimed to encourage National Grid employees to talk about mental health in the workplace, and remove the stigma attached to mental health illness. Friendly, vivid graphics and a simple and informal tone of voice aimed to educate employees and communicate the services that are available to them as a National Grid employee.

The skill we most value in the people at WPA Pinfold, is their ability to demonstrate that they understand our business, our culture and our employee base. This has made the creative process a much simpler one for all, because we are all starting from the same point and can talk the same language.”

Head of Corporate Communications

National Grid