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npower internal brand launch



Launching the brand internally

In order to make sure npower’s vast and diverse employee base were fully behind the npower rebrand, we were tasked with launching the new brand internally before the external brand launch. Our job was to guarantee that the npower team fully comprehended the purpose of the rebrand, the goals and business objectives behind the new brand launch, and the journey associated with it, through the use of information design and strategic communications.

A key challenge was to unify all touch points and maintain consistency across the business. Our internal brand management has meant that npower have seamlessly rolled out their new brand, internally and externally, with all employees behind the npower mission.

I am a big fan of WPA having enjoyed a working relationship with them as our rostered brand and design agency. WPA always go that extra mile, bring strategic brand insight to every brief and have a unique knack of getting inside our heads and delivering high quality work at pace.”

Marketing Director