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Circulating company news

To accompany RWE’s group-wide strategy and change programme, we were involved in launching an internal newspaper to be used as a communication tool with all employees. WPA Pinfold designed a common masthead that would be easily recognised and become an umbrella brand for additional communication channels. The format was changed to a tabloid size, photography was given more prominence and higher quality images were used. Overall, the articles were much more in-depth and a more editorial tone was adopted.

Additionally, we completely redesigned the typographic layout, giving more white space and less content per page. We designed a custom typographic grid and a fresh set of fonts, icons were created to help navigate content and infographics were used to explain complex information. Templates and design style guidelines were created to ensure future publications maintain design integrity.

I can imagine how much work you have invested to get there – but it really paid off. The result has enriched our ‘We Are RWE’ event and helped make it visible for our whole organisation. My heartfelt thanks.”

Chief Executive Officer