WPA Pinfold



Security and Awareness Campaign


National Grid


Graphis Silver Award 2015


increase in awareness


Communicating security and safety

Information security, data privacy and physical security are critical issues to National Grid. WPA Pinfold were briefed to create awareness of these critical issues. An integrated campaign was created online with supporting print collateral. A loveable character, in the form of a little robot called SAM, conveyed the importance of the key security issues of: information security, privacy risks and physical security. SAM fronted the campaign giving advice on best practice and was brought to life in an animated sequence, posters, standees and giveaways.

An animated video was used to help to communicate key messages and acted as a guide to provide help, in security related matters. The video was shown at team meetings to all levels of staff as an engaging delivery method. The Security Knowledge Zone website on which the animation was housed, attracted a high number of visits on launch. The site ranked 18 in terms of the most visited URL pages (out of circa 2,000). The site continues to rank in the top 50 of the most visited sites. This resulted in a 35% increase in awareness of the themes around data privacy, information and digital security. The SAM motion graphic can be viewed here.