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Sustainability Summit


National Grid

One supergraphic visually represented all topics up for discussion

Creating a sustainable tomorrow

This summit, hosted by National Grid, unleashes collective energy and innovation to create a better sustainable business, safeguarding our environment for future generations. The summit had four main themes: climate positive, positive resources, enhancing ecosystems and environment to innovate. An illustration for each one of the themes was created to visually represent the issues and outcomes with the designed-in ability to connect the four together to create a supergraphic. 

The supergraphic was then used on generic materials for the summit such as the workbook cover to tell the full connected story and the individual theme illustrations were used as banners within the venue to emphasise the key themes. The illustrations also had the flexibility to be further broken down into individual elements for use on internal workbook pages, whilst the overall illustration was also used as an animated build-up graphic ident on the main presentation screen. The colour palette was chosen to complement the Powering Britain’s Future materials.