WPA Pinfold



Take CARE health and safety brand campaign


National Grid


Design Effectiveness Silver 2014


reduction in cable strikes


Reducing accidents, saving lives

Electric cable strikes are a hazard that affects National Grid’s Gas Distribution business, which could result in fatal consequences – every single electric cable strike carries the consequences of serious or fatal injury. There was a need to create a new enduring campaign that will encourage behaviour change across this sector of the business. The communications had to address each target audience with relevant communications and engage everyone across the business with an integrated and distinctive identity that empowers the people in the field of operation.

It was imperative that cable avoidance took priority over all aspects of the work to be carried out and we created a branded identity and name – Take CARE (Cable Avoidance Risk Elimination), adhering to National Grid’s corporate brand guidelines. This helped elevate the importance of safety for all the operatives. The visual identity has significant standout and cohesion wherever it is applied. In terms of rollout, the communications were designed and packaged for each target audience. The campaign had a continued presence across the field operations, which was essential in helping to implement long term behavioural change and avoid complacency. The identity also adhered to National Grid’s corporate brand design guidelines. Our campaign saw a 31% reduction in cable strikes, zero fatalities following the campaign, and saved National Grid over £500,000 over a nine-month period.

WPA created a bold, flexible design that has become recognised internally and is associated with the serious risk of underground cable strikes, leading to greater awareness of the risks and more care when working in these hazardous situations.”

Head of Corporate Responsibility and Brand Strategy

National Grid