WPA Pinfold



UK Leadership Conference


National Grid

Setting the agenda

Each year, National Grid hold a UK leadership conference in order to make sure all their relevant employees are up to speed on the company’s direction and focus over the next year. Conference communications had to be engaging and reflect the company strategy for the future. One of the major focuses for 2012 was based around National Grid employees collectively pulling together to implement the ‘Line of Sight’ objectives and priorities.

Our design emphasised the idea of cooperatively moving forward, through the use of illustrated circle formations, representing unity and collaboration amongst employees. Each key area within the National Grid ‘Line of Sight’ objective was highlighted using different icons and illustrations. These unifying designs were then rolled out on a range of conference materials including emails, conference banners and information leaflets.

National Grid has worked with WPA Pinfold for some years, in support of our employee communication campaign work across our UK and US business. They are highly creative and bring a freshness to everything they do and consequently, together we have won several awards for the work we do. We value the people at WPA and see them as virtual members of our team and they are not afraid to challenge us.”

Head of Corporate Communications

National Grid