WPA Pinfold

Our Work Promoting an environmental education programme within schools

We created the brand name, identity and characters for npower’s environmental education programme, which was promoted to schools across the UK.

The £20 million programme aims to educate children about energy saving in a fun and engaging way so that they can make a real difference to their school and the environment.

A website was created to engage children further with interactive games and quizzes. Providing an online community to interact with others and get involved in the various projects.

Regional campaigns built around schools and involving npower personnel were created. Presentation materials were used to further promote the campaign.

Key events were hosted with celebrities. Attendees were encouraged to carry out their climate cops duties at home, and hopefully foster good energy saving habits with there families.

We also developed a ‘No Power Hour campaign’ aimed at kids, encouraging them to switch off computers and TVs for an hour a day during school holidays.

£1.45M Amount saved due to energy saving audits carried out in 150 schools

9,983 Tonnes of CO2 annual savings

8,558 Children started saving energy in school and at home